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What Is Tesetaxel?

Tesetaxel is an investigational chemotherapy agent that belongs to a class of drugs known as taxanes, which are widely used in the treatment of cancer. Tesetaxel is a capsule taken orally. To date, more than 500 patients have been treated with tesetaxel in clinical studies.

Most Chemotherapies Are Given Intravenously (IV) in an Infusion Center
Tesetaxel Is a Capsule Taken Orally

CONTESSA is a Phase 3 study evaluating tesetaxel, an investigational, oral treatment for patients with advanced breast cancer. CONTESSA will compare tesetaxel plus a reduced dose of capecitabine, another anticancer drug taken orally, to the approved dose of capecitabine alone. By comparing these two therapies, CONTESSA may help in the assessment of the effectiveness, safety and tolerability of tesetaxel as a potential new treatment option for patients. Tesetaxel is an investigational product, and its safety and effectiveness have not been established by any agency.

Who Can Participate?
You may be eligible to participate in CONTESSA if you:
Are at least 18 years old
Have HER2 negative, HR positive, advanced breast cancer
Meet other criteria, which the study staff can discuss with you
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